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2G Innovative Product Range

What  makes  us  stand  out  from  the  crowd?


  • Innovation led product range
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Unique products not readily available elsewhere in Europe
  • Lowest power consumption resulting in the biggest energy saving
  • Backed by a strong product warranty

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DPS LED Lighting prides itself on innovation. Our dedicated team of industry experts are constantly striving to craft new and exciting developments in the LED lighting sector which are then made readily available and easily accessible across the UK market.

Our extensive product range aims to blend innovation with pragmatism. A huge part of this is our focus on 2G (Second Generation) technology, honing all of the finest aspects of first generation LED lighting and elevating this to a new level.

As part of our commitment to 2G we have created a broad spectrum of products all of which are unique. However, there are some common features which help define our products as part of our Lumlites brand.

Innovation is clearly one of our strong points and this is often a recognisable feature of our products. DPS doesn’t follow trends but sets them. It is common for us to be the first to market with the latest innovations and technologies leaving others to slowly catch up. We feel that if there is a new idea out there that has proven potential to succeed, we want to be the first to offer it to our customers. Any implied risk is negated by our 5–year guarantee – more on that later.

We are big on design. Whilst we understand the importance of making a practical and efficient product, we also believe that aesthetics are extremely important. One of the many appealing features of LED lighting is the flexibility to adjust the colour of the light and so it is only fitting that the design itself stands up to scrutiny. Because of this, our designers are constantly creating modern and stylish prototypes that had led to us boasting some of the most diverse, unique designs in the market today.

As much as we pride ourselves on beautifully packaged products this would be useless were it not for their efficiency. LED lighting offers significant long–term savings in part because of their capability to operate on a fraction of the energy consumed by more dated lighting options. Our 2G technology ensures that our products have the lowest power consumption possible.

We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 5-year warranty as standard *. Not only are our products of an immense quality but our installation experts take great care in their work. Our 5–year guarantee is an objective way for us to demonstrate this, and means you can put your mind at ease safe in the knowledge that, in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, DPS will be back to take care of it for you.

* see specific product pages for details