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LED 3 Colour Graphics Display

3 Colour Graphics Display


Introducing our new LED 3 Colour Graphics Display that illuminate your presence in your business premises by catching the eye and attracting customers.

LED 3 Colour Graphics Display

  • Displays high quality LED dynamic text and graphics in 3 colours
  • Fully programmable image and text effects
  • High resolution 7.62mm pixel pitch
  • Wi-Fi Built in
  • Automatic day/night brightness control
  • Slim modular casing with fixing brackets
  • 24 months warranty

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Lumlites LED 3 colour Graphic Displays are a high quality attractive modular sign with the latest control technology displaying numerous text information and dynamic graphic effects in high resolution 7.62mm pixal pitch.  The modular construction for the pixal diodes ensures bright sharp large text and images that are clear and readable even from a long distance. Other advantages of the displays is the ability to set a specific brightness at predetermined time, or optional automatic brightness control based on measurements from the sensor. Without a doubt, the great opportunities are for the ability to display selected information at specified times. This opens up the perspective for users to create daily or hourly informational campaigns and promotional activities.

The Lumlites LED 3 colour Graphic Display signs come in various sizes to suit your business for the best viewing position. They are made from lightweight and durable materials for optimum indoor use. The LED’s are protected with plastic masks with roofs on each diode providing protection against damage and improve contrast of the display. The high density of LED’s in conjunction with the image shading and high brightness ensures high quality displayed text and images.

The simple to use software allows you design using several different type font styles and sizes with easy to use graphics. These messages and images are then connected from your computer to the LED display sign via built-in Wi-Fi.

All Graphic display signs come with brackets and 24 month warranty.

Lumlites LED 3 colour Graphic Display technology is environmentally friendly, it lowers your energy costs and improves your carbon footprint.


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