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Innovation led lighting ...


  • Innovation led product range
  • Leading the conversion to low-power LED
  • Strong propositions for ens-users, wholesalers and resellers
  • Commitment to the education sector with our "funded solutions"

DPS LED Lighting Ltd is an emerging leader in the LED lighting sector. Utilising cutting edge technology alongside ground–breaking innovation, our continued growth is the result of pioneering and eco–friendly concepts.

This has led to a product range which is cutting edge, has the lowest power consumption and is highly cost–effective. 


We have a product range which is defining 2G (Second Generation) LED lighting

Based in the UK, DPS employs a number of industry experts specialising in LED lighting technology. They have unearthed new techniques in which to save energy and give our customers the tools to succeed in this fast growing market.

One of the key innovations we bring to the UK market is the ability for wholesalers and retailers to have their “own brand” and develop custom products that fit their particular market niche. The proposition of own brand, a custom product range and local sourcing has proven to be an extremely attractive for our local partners.

Combining this with a desire to reach out to a wider community, DPS takes particular pride in its commitment to increasing the use of LED lighting and solar panel technology in schools across the country. As well as helping with their carbon footprint, our unique funded project solution for schools leads directly to some much needed additional financing for the UK education system.

Our vision isn’t just limited to schools. Our aim is to help our clients understand the benefits of LED lighting and assist with the transition of incorporating the most cost–effective and beneficial systems on a long–term basis. We have already enjoyed successful relationships with new builds and a number of other significant infrastructure projects.

We all know that LED lighting is the future.  Our goal is simply to bring it to fruition!