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Emergency Blade

Emergency Blade

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  • Crompton Krios LED Emergency Blade 2W 6000K-7000K

    Krios emergency blade.

    2W maintained/non-maintained with 3-hour emergency function.

    Having both maintained or non-maintained functions allows the Krios Emergency Blade to either be lit continuously or turn-on in the event of a power failure.

    Mounting Options

    The Krios Emergency Blade can be surface mounted to ceilings and walls or it can also be mounted perpendicular to a wall. Suspension and recessed mounting kits are available separately.

    Integrated Driver

    The Krios Emergency Blade features a quality emergency driver with a LiFePO4 3.2V 600mAh battery and 3-hour emergency run-time.

    26 Metre Visibility

    The quality light output emitted ensures a 26-metre visibility range making the fitting visible in emergency conditions.

    Manual Test Function

    The manual test function allows users to test the Krios Emergency Blade as and when required, in-line with testing regulations.

  • Crompton Krios Recessed Kit for LED Emergency Blade

    Recessed mounting kit

    for use with Krios Blade 14022

  • Crompton Krios Suspension Kit for LED Emergency Blade

    Wire suspension kit

    for use with Krios Blade 14022




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