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Build Your Own Brand

Make yourself easily recognisable with your “own brand” range of products


  • Create your "own brand" of LED products
  • Differentitae your business from your competitors
  • Specify products for your specific market niche
  • Source locally from our UK distribution centre
  • Avoid all of the pitfalls of off-shore sourcing

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DPS is proud to offer some of the most advanced and reliable LED products on the market today. Our products are capable of giving our customers massive financial savings whilst lowering energy consumption across the UK and, as part of our passion to see our LED lighting spread to homes and businesses across the UK, we are happy to introduce our Build Your Own Brand initiative.

We understand that some suppliers wish to sell our products due to the proven efficiency and savings on offer, yet the branding stands in the way. Because of this we have incorporated an option for wholesalers and resellers to sell our products with their own unique branding on each product. This gives you the opportunity to build a recognisable brand synonymous with the quality DPS is renowned for.

As well as helping to promote your brand, opting for our Build Your Own Brand brings with it a wealth of additional benefits. If you are interested in utilising this option you will be put in contact with our dedicated branding team who will tell you exactly what options are available to you and the benefits this could provide for your company.

One of the primary benefits behind this package is to develop your own brand identity. We will work with you to develop a brand identity that reflects your individual company and mission, thus achieving the desired look for your finished product.

With our assistance you will be able to develop your own custom products to serve your particular market niche, allowing you to truly differentiate and stand out in the busy LED market.

You will also be sourcing locally, which eases your cash flow and inventory risk whilst also avoiding all of the pitfalls of delays, miscommunication and QA that which often result in costly mistakes. We provide a UK-based team which will take care of your project from start to finish. This ensures there is an easily accessible and knowledgeable team just a phone call or email away, operating at hours that suit your business.

Being locally stocked means no big delays if you urgently need additional supplies or need to return items, and making all payments through trusted UK facilities means no additional fees or costly fluctuation for currency exchange.

To find out more contact Honghao Xie on +44 (0) 208 819 8990 or email mailto:[email protected]