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  • Light intensity stays the same, but colour of light becomes warmer 
  • Varied colour temperature from 2200K to 2700K 
  • The more you dim, the light darkens, and colour becomes warmer 

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DimTone Product Range 

At DPS LED Lighting, we have introduced the Philips (Signify) DimTone Range because it allows users to reduce lighting energy use by up to 80%, while maintaining the atmosphere our customers prefer. Designed for restaurants and hospitality applications, the latest LED innovation from Philips provides the atmosphere of the traditional light source it replaces 

DimTone takes LED lamp dimming to an exciting next level with a beautiful, sunset-like effect. As the light is dimmed, DimTone reduces the colour temperature from 2700K down to 2200K. This creates a warm, intimate ambience at lower light levels, with the same effect as dimmed halogens or incandescent lamps. So hotel, bar and restaurant owners can take advantage of energy-saving LED lighting and still create a natural, cosy ambience. 

What is Philips DimTone

DimTone allows the user to vary the bulb colour temperature from 2200K (extra warm white) to 2700K (warm white). The more you dim, the warmer the light. A regular dimmable LED lamp remains the same colour temperature when dimming, where as a DimTone LED lamp reduces the colour temperature from 2700K to 2200K when dimming. 

How does the DimTone work? 

If you don’t use the dimmer, your bulb has a standard colour temperature of 2700K (warm white). With the DimTone, you can gradually vary the colour until 2200K by means of dimming and thus achieve the desired atmosphere. 

Advantages of the Philips DimTone Bulbs  

  • Long lifetime up to 25,000 hours 
  • Up to 90% energy saving 
  • Environmentally friendly solution (lead- and mercury-free)