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Introducing LED Filament Lamps

The best of both worlds: Filament LED Lighting

Get the best of both worlds with our extensive range of Filament LED bulbs.

With a simple yet modern twist on the traditional LED bulb, our new range of Filament LED light bulbs encompass both the need for an aesthetically pleasing bulb with a powerful 360-degree lumen output. By incorporating the filaments into the aesthetic design of the bulb, our manufacturers have produced the answer to the growing desire in the lighting market for a bulb that is simple, clean, clear and powerful.

Clear casingLow energy usagePowerful lumen outputEven light distribution

This new range of Filament LED bulbs were specifically designed to suit multiple environments; using the latest 2G LED technology our manufacturer has created our most powerful LED lightbulb to date.

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Innovative Design

Each of the isolated design features which were developed to create our new Filament LED bulb range specifically target any researched negative feedback about LED lighting technology. This new range of Filament LED bulbs are glare-free, flicker-free and hassle-free.

The completely clear casing on the bulbs means that the intricate design of the filaments within the bulbs are used as part of the overall aesthetics of the product. This new innovative design combines the best part of bulbs which have been a historically popular in their design. These features are coupled with the latest 2G LED technology to create a simplistic modern twist. Inspiration for this bulb’s simple and classic design were derived from the halogen bulb; conveying similarity in its simplistic design without any of the design flaws.

How Filament LED bulbs benefit you

The aesthetic design of the new Filament LED bulb range is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of purchasing one of these innovative products. The completely clear casing, as well as revealing the central design of luminescent filaments, also ensures a 360-degree dispersal of light. Partially frosted bulb casings have been isolated in the past as obstructive to a completely even dispersal of light in a contained area; DPS LED lighting have targeted this negative feedback to bring you this totally transparent bulb, for reliable 360-degree lighting.

Low energy usage is at the forefront of recent technological advances within the LED lighting industry; that’s why here at DPS LED Lighting we strive to bring you the latest and greatest energy savers. The new range of Filament LED bulbs utilise this energy saving technology to produce the most cost effective bulbs yet. Our extensive range of varied bulbs in this collection ensures the right product for you, whatever your specification. Our range of dimmable bulbs with adaptable lighting are perfect for communal areas with multiple uses, fitting seamlessly with any leading or trailing dimmers. While our fixed lumen bulbs reduce the need to customise the lighting in an area with a constant requirement for a brilliant shine.

DPS LED Lighting’s new range of Filament LED bulbs are cost effective, energy saving and our most aesthetically pleasing bulb to date. A modern twist on a simple classic. Get the best of both worlds with our extensive range of Filament LED technology.

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