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LED Lamps - The Future is Clear!


Our CrystalCLEAR LED bulbs are leading the way in clear lamp covers


  • A market first - Lumlites is leading the way with CrystalCLEAR
  • A CrystalCLEAR cover on an LED lamp - at last
  • Perfect for hotels, restaurants and oter areas where an attractive clear cover is desirable
  • Compact design giving more light from a smaller form factor
  • Huge energy saving vs incandescent lamps

The secret is out - clear LED lighting is the new industry standard, and property owners everywhere are looking to upgrade. Whilst many manufacturers are still in the development stages the Lumlites CrystalCLEAR product range is already here! In stock and ready to go to new or upgrade projects.

We take pride in being among the first to bring you the future of clear lighting: the CrystalCLEAR LED lamp range.

Lumlites CrystalCLEar Lamp

This lamp is unique in the marketplace today. CrystalCLEAR produces more lumens for better light output with a more compact, crystal clear lamp cover than its competitors.

The incredible results of CrystalCLEAR are best represented by comparing the products to more traditional lighting, even within the LED sector. The majority of the products on the market today are not completely clear. Half or totally frosted lamps are the norm and these detract from true dispersion of light and can’t be used in areas where a clear, decorative incandescent lamp is currently used.

Our unique CrystalCLEAR models use an entirely clear bulb to provide the necessary outer surface for extremely even light distribution. Rather than the light emitting from the base of the product, it travels to the centre and is then released very evenly in every direction. This means that LED replacement is now possible in decorative applications where previously this was not possible.

This technology is very new, but has already being incorporated in to a number of highly prestigious venues such as leading hotels, high-end restaurants, casinos and other luxury environments.. This is just the beginning of a much wider movement which will eventually see a universal transition to clear LED lighting.

Doing more with less

Not only does the CrystalCLEAR focus on achieving equal light distribution via its 3 finger innovative design, but it also does so with an emphasis on making the lamp as compact as possible. Strictly following the mantra of ‘less is more’, the CrystalCLEAR uses less of everything: less energy and a smaller form factor.

Lumlites is winning the race to bring this cutting-edge technology to market with many of the other premium brands still striving to achieve the clear cover and uniform light distribution that CrystalCLEAR delivers.

More compact, but just as powerful

To date, only one other major lamp manufacturer has launched a 100% clear LED product – yet ours are significantly more cost-effective, without having to make any compromise on quality.

Our CrystalCLEAR is smaller, more powerful, more efficient, and more cost-effective than any competitors’ products on the market today.

The answer to your lighting solutions is crystal clear!

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