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E27 Base Type (Screw Base)

E27 Base Type (Screw Base)

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  • LED Globe E27 7.5W G95 Filament 775Lm Warm Non-Dimmable

    The Lumlites 7.5W LED Globe uses our cutting edge LED technology and a unique transparent design to produce 775Lm. The product ahs a life of 25,000 hours and carries a 2 year warranty.

  • LED Globe E27 4.5W G95 Filament 425Lm Warm Non-Dimmable

    Making the most of a pleasing spherical design the Lumlites4.5W LED Filament G95 Globe is a high performer which uses 4.5W to create 425Lm of light.

    The clear exterior means that the internal filaments, which are very easy on the eye, are highly visible but it also serves the dual purpose of adding to the product’s performance. Because most incandescent bulbs use frosted outer layers, the light is prohibited from moving in all direction. This non-dimmable LED light allows light to disperse evenly in all directions.

  • LED Globe E27 7.5W G125 Filament 775Lm Warm Non-Dimmable

    Powerful, professional and practical, the Lumlites 7.5W G125 Filament Globe is an excellent choice for anybody actively looking to transition away from dated tungsten filaments and take the plunge into LED. LED is widely recognised as the future of lighting due to its energy-saving properties and this particular design is the future of LED, using a clear exterior to maximise light coverage across the room. Using 7.5W for a powerful 775Lm.

  • LED Globe E27 4.5W G125 Filament 425Lm Warm Non-Dimmable

    If you need to make the change to LED lighting and want a product that doesn’t sacrifice on performance, the Lumlites 2G 4.5W G125 Filament may well be the perfect product for you.

    As part of our filament range the product has a very striking and simplistic look, with all of the internal filaments visible to the naked eye. Using 4.5W for 425Lm.



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