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Our Power Saving Promise

Our Promise

 Why should you switch to LED lighting?


  • The most power efficient lighting on the market today!
  • Save up to 90% energy consumption with our LED range
  • Our LEDs are 40% lower power than most leading brands

LED lighting is widely recognised for its power saving properties. LED lighting uses just a fraction of the wattage consumed by more traditional filament lighting – replacing a 60W bulb in your home with an LED upgrade would mean moving down to just 6W. Even incorporating the relative expense of LED lighting, this massive energy saving is clearly a profitable outcome.

How to Save Money and Energy with LED Lighting

Investing in LED lighting is investing in the future. The increase in homes and businesses making the switch to LED has been gradual but significant. Based on the growth experienced to date, experts are predicting that before long LED lighting will become the norm. We see no reason to wait.

LED alternatives can save up to 90% energy when compared to existing lighting and our products offer the most efficient of the LED lighting solutions available today.

Comparison of Single Tube 4ft Batten
Specification Fluorescent Leading Brand Lumlites % Saving over Leading Brand
Power Rating 43.2W * 30W 18W 40%
Warranty   5 Years 5 Years  

* including starter

The chart above demonstrates that our range of Lumlites LED lighting typically offers a vastly lower power consumption compared to both traditional and competing LED offers, resulting in massive energy savings over the life of the product.

DPS LED Lighting Ltd is able to offer a unique proposition by providing customers with products which are not readily available elsewhere. Our Lumlites surface mount batten range is just one example of how we blend energy saving with a sophisticated aesthetic that fully encapsulates our ethos to moving lighting forward in every sense.

Comparison of Twin Tube 4ft Batten
 Specification  Fluorescent  Leading Brand  Lumlites Suface Mount Batten  % Saving over Leading Brand
 Power Rating  86.4W *  55W  40W  27%
Warranty   5 Years 5 Years  

* including starter

We offer our customers a practical and competitive cost of ownership proposition to rival any manufacturer, and all of our products come complete with a 5–year warranty.

The following table demonstrates the savings in “total cost of ownership” (TOC) of our Lumlites range vs. traditional and leading brand LEDs.

 Standard Technology  Leading Brand LED  Lumlites LED Batten
1x36 watt T8  1x30 watt LED  1x18 watt LED 
43.2 Circuit Watts   30 Circuit Watts  18 Circuit Watts
Lamp Maintenance 
 12,000 Hours  50,000 Hours 50,000 Hours 
 2160 K/Watts 1500 K/Watts  900 K/Watts 
Total Energy Cost 
@ 11p-kwh = £237.60  @ 11p-kwh = £165 @ 11p-kwh = £99 
Plus 7-8 new lamps  No Lamp Maintenance   No Lamp Maintenance
Energy Savings 
   31% 58% 
Total Cost Of Ownership (TOC) Savings
  £72.6  £138.6 

In addition to this our Lumlites ultra-modern batten series is aesthetically the most attractive product available on the market today. It’s futuristic design and ease of fitting makes it the product of choice for the most discerning clients.