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Eye catching high quality LED Pharmacy Crosses!

Pharmacy Cross


Introducing our new LED cross signs that illuminate your presence in the street by catching the eye and attracting customers to your Pharmacy.

 LED Pharmacy Crosses

  • High resolution pixel display capable of outputting large clear text and graphics
  • Fully programmable image and text effects controlled by a computer via LAN or Wi-Fi
  • Street friendly automatic brightness control
  • Slim IP65 Modular Casing
  • Static, Moving or Flasing border
  • Out of the box date, time and temperature presets
  • Display any font styles
  • Made in the EU
  • Energy saving 

Free Delivery on Orders over 50

If you are looking for an LED Pharmacy Cross to install on the exterior of your pharmaceutical establishment, we offer a range of models, with different programmable lighting effects, starting at great prices.

This type of display sign lighting is a great opportunity for your business as the dynamic changing text and images attract the attention of potential customers by increasing both the range of visibility and the attractiveness of your pharmacy through day and night therefore, raising the value of your business. 

By using LED technology – one of the most widely used and effective forms of advertising, Lumlites Pharmacy Crosses are fully programmable and is easy to use for designing images and messages that suit your Pharmacy needs. Whether you want to display the Date, Time and Temperature or your opening status to text based messages offering a service or perhaps a discount on fragrances. The possibilities are endless!

All this is displayed on a bright, high quality, vivid colour display viewable from up to 100m making it easy for passers-by and potential customers to see your advertisements and your business, making a striking impression in or amongst crowded urban environments whilst maintaining the incredible power efficiency, lifetime and low maintenance of LED technology.

Installation of our LED pharmacy cross is not complicated. Our lighting system comes preconfigured, so in a few hours you can have your sign active and running at full capacity!

Lumlites Pharmacy Crosses are an investment opportunity to increase your sales by informing potential customers about promotional offers, business specific details and much more.


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