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Emergency Spot LED

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  • Crompton Krios LED Emergency Spot (Round Lens) with Driver 1W 6000K-7000K

    Krios Emergency LED Spotlight

    1W non-maintained emergency spotlight with 3-hour emergency function.

    The Krios Emergency Spotlight is ideal for recessed installations. It features a remote emergency driver and LED indicator. Also available is an additional corridor head (For use with product code 14008).

    Dependable and Durable

    The Krios Emergency LED Spotlight features a 3-year life span and 50,000 hour long-life maintenancefree operation.

    Emergency Driver

    The Krios Emergency Spotlight features a quality emergency driver with a LiFePO4 3.2 1500mAh battery and 3-hour emergency run-time.

    Manual Test Function

    The manual test function allows users to test the Krios Emergency Spotlight as and when required, in-line with testing regulations.

  • Crompton Krios LED Emergency Spot (Corridor Head) 1W 6000K-7000K

    Krios emergency spot replacement corridoor lens.

    For use with Krios Spot (14008)

    1W non-maintained emergency spotlight with 3-hour emergency function. LED emergency replacement corridor spotlight for recessed installations.



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