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Linear R7/G9/G4 Lamps

Linear R7/G9/G4 Lamps

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  • Crompton Energy Saving Halogen G9 Capsule • 33W • 2700K • G9 • Dimmable - 2700k Warm White

    Halogen G9 capsule retrofit energy efficient lamp.

    For use in display and accent light fixtures and provides an extremely compact light source.

    Constructed from UV stop glass, removing the need for additional UV protection.

    Note:The switch-on surge of a mains voltage halogen lamp is higher than that of an incandescent lamp and hence it may be necessary to reduce the total wattage per circuit to avoid nuisance tripping of associated breakers. The use of dimmers will exacerbate this problem and, in extreme circumstances, it may be necessary to reduce the installed wattage by 50% of the breaker's rate capacity. If in any doubt, contact a qualified electrician.



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