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The Different Types of Light Bulb Shapes Available

DPS LED Lighting - The Different Types of Light Bulb Shapes Available

Buying light bulbs can involve a lot of technical terms and jargon; sometimes, it can all feel a little confusing trying to figure out which bulb shape or base you should be looking for. Fortunately, the team at DPS LED Lighting has written an educational guide to a number of different light bulb shapes that you can buy.

Read below to learn more about bulb shapes, and if you’d like to make a purchase of light bulbs in the UK, then visit the DPS LED Lighting online store today.

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LED Spotlights

LED Spotlights are light fittings that are usually mounted onto a surface, and fixed onto either a wall or a ceiling. These types of lights provide a number of beams of light, and you can typically adjust the ‘spot’ part of the light to point in any direction you desire.

Today, LEDs are the main bulb for spotlights, and they will end up saving you money in the long-run as they’ll last for so many more years compared to older halogen bulbs. If you want to provide focused lighting to your home, then LED Spotlights are the best choice.

LED Globes

LED Globes essentially look and feel the same as conventional bulbs, but as they come with LED technology, they are of course far superior. This means that they offer a longer bulb life, and are more energy efficient and energy saving. Globes will light up your domestic and commercial space with a warm glow, and at the same time, they’ll function as a lovely decorative feature too.


LED GLS A60 are used in general lighting service (GLS) applications - for instance, home light. They normally have an Edison Screw or Bayonet Cap base. These types of LED bulbs have been popular with consumers for more than a century, and with LED technology, give you excellent sustainability and a much longer life. What’s more, they’re far more environmentally friendly than earlier halogen and incandescent bulbs.

LED Golf Balls

LED Golf Ball bulbs are known for their small, rounded shape. They are compact and this makes them ideal for use in fittings and lamps, where space is significantly limited. Moreover, LED Golf Balls are used in open fixtures without shades, as they have a modern, aesthetically pleasing design too.

LED Candles

LED Candle bulbs are perfect as decorative bulbs in your living environment. They feature a tapered design that is based, as the name suggests, on a candle flame. Therefore, they’ll look superb in your home as they’re highly attractive and complement pretty much any space. LED Candle bulbs are commonly used for ornamental lighting, as well as for open fittings too.

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