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Integral LED - Trusted Lighting Solutions 

At DPS LED Lighting, we stock one of the industry’s frontrunners, Integral LED. Integral LED delivers high-quality designer LED lighting solutions for a range of commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality, and residential applications.  

Integral LED is a brand of Integral memory Plc. founded in 1989. Initially selling computer RAM, our company quickly established itself as a leader in that space. Leveraging 30 years experience, Integral understand semiconductor technology at its core. This allows Integral to innovate and bring cutting-edge products quickly to the market.  

Integral LED promote the wide adoption of cutting-edge LED lighting, replacing outdated and under-performing fittings with affordable and evermore efficient solutions, slashing energy bills and carbon emissions. They also strive to improve people’s comfort by delivering the best lighting experience for any context. 

Integral offer:  

  • High quality, innovative and aesthetically pleasing lighting products for everyone. 
  • Flexibility, fair pricing, and large stock availability to national. 
  • Bespoke lighting design solutions and support for market specifiers. 

    We stock Integral LED’s product range that covers many applications: indoor, outdoor, commercial, industrial, retail, hospitality and residential. By bringing to market a wide variety of the highest quality products we can be a one-stop shop for all your lighting requirements. 

Integral LED Warranty Claims 

Warranty claims should comply with the following; 

a) All warranty claims are subject to an Integral representative having access to the failed product for verification of non-compliance should it be required. 

b) A valid proof of purchase is required; Integral will not be liable for warranty claims if this not provided. 

c) Details of the qualified installer who carried out the installation (except for lamps). 

d) A detailed description of the fault, installation and details of application hours burned and switching cycles. 

e) Products should be returned to the seller with a copy of the proof of purchase and description of claim. 

f) The product should not have altered or modified in any way. 

g) The product has been installed by a qualified electrician (except lamps) in accordance with instructions provided and in compliance with recognised electrical and safety regulations relevant to the country where the product is being installed. 

h) Faults caused by installer error including but not limited to connection to an incorrect power supply or unsuitable dimmer, transformer or driver are excluded from the warranty.