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Ways You Can Use Smart LED Strip Lights

DPS LED Lighting - Four Ways You Can Use Smart LED Strip Lights

Strip lights are a great way to enhance any living space, upgrading the overall atmosphere and mood in a room - whether it’s a kitchen, living room or bedroom. They’re incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways from under cabinets to behind the TV or entertainment system.

Below, the team at DPS LED Lighting has compiled a list of four creative ways you can incorporate smart LED strip lights into your space. Read on to get some fantastic inspiration, and if you’d like to purchase strip lights for your home, visit our online store today

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Under Cabinets

One of the most popular ways to integrate smart LED strip lights is under your cabinets. Whether this is under your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, it’s entirely up to you as there’s so much freedom with strip lights. Overall, placing strip lights beneath a cabinet will boost the appearance of your space. Not only this though, it will also illuminate your cabinets and make them much easier to search in and view all of the contents with ease.

On Shelves

Similarly, having strip lights on your shelves is a lovely touch. Lighting can showcase and accentuate your shelves’ items such as books, artwork and collectibles. It can draw attention to all your ornaments, and add a stunning effect that increases depth in your space. Additionally, strip lights can be used to make it simpler to see all of the objects on your shelves, which is especially useful if the space is naturally a dark one.

Under the Bed

Smart strip lights underneath the bed are a nice choice, particularly in a child’s bedroom. Positioning lights below the bed can make a comforting night light, and help young ones get a much better night’s sleep. Likewise, strip lights work well in adult bedrooms too. They create a warm, cosy atmosphere that invites you into the bedroom, and sets up the right conditions for a long restful sleep. Another benefit of under-bed strip lights is that they’ll help your bedroom feel more organised and tidy, which will make it a much more pleasant room to be in.

Behind Entertainment Systems

Finally, strip lights are perfect for putting behind entertainment systems such as TV screens and computers. They can help relieve eye strain, which is a massive benefit if you’re someone who spends many hours in front of the screen. Simultaneously, strip lights will make your screen’s images more clear, providing a glowing effect that brings attention to your screen. Many people choose to put lights behind their gaming setup, so that they can keep gaming all night long.

Thinking of Purchasing Smart LED Strip Lights?

Now that you’ve read our post, and hopefully got a few more ideas about how you can integrate strip lights into your home, visit the DPS LED Lighting store if you’d like to make a purchase today. If you head to our website, you’ll be able to buy the Crompton LED Smart Flexi Strip 5 meter Kit, which is ideal for a wide range of applications from cabinets and shelves to entertainment systems.

These strip lights enable you to customise your personal lighting experience and add another level of light to your space. They complement pretty much any area, and offer a vast number of features such as custom lighting schemes, numerous colours, scheduling, voice control and smart dimming. Above all, they’re a fantastic investment that’ll massively upgrade your quality of life at home.

If you have any questions about strip lighting, then please feel free to contact us today at [email protected] or call us on +44 (0) 208 819 8990 to speak with one of our team in more depth.